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    Cannot empty clipboard (Excel 2000)

    When I copy a rather large amount of cells, Excel gives me the error "Cannot empty the clipboard". I check the clipboard and there is nothing there. I need to paste these cells into the import function of another program and I cannot. Thankyou.

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    Re: Cannot empty clipboard (Excel 2000)

    I used to get this problem (in Excel97) when I had another program (in my case it was "getright" a downloading utility program) which monitored the clipboard and did not allow excel to clear the clipboard when it it got the command
    "Application.CutCopyMode = False"

    Other than the annoyance of acknowledging the request, the clipboard work normally.

    I suspect you must have some program (other than excel) that is working on the clipboard. Try closing other programs to determine what is the cause, and once it is discovered, look at the FAQs/Help for that program to determine how to have it stop monitoring/interfering with the clipboard.


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