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    manage thumbnail target (Frontpage 2000)

    The full-size (unadjusted) .jpg is too large - resolution is bad and you can see only a part of the picture on screen. Reducing the picture size solves the problem. I select the picture and click auto-thumbnail, and all is fine. However, clicking on the thumbnail links to a full-sized picture again. How can I control the properties of the thumbnail target picture from within Frontpage?

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    Re: manage thumbnail target (Frontpage 2000)

    You need to change the native size of the picture. The Auto-Thumbnail simply creates a simple hyperlink to the picture which is opened on it's own in a new window.

    1] Create a new page, add the picture, resize to your desired dimensions, save the page. Edit the thumbnail hyperlink to point to the new page, not the picture itself.
    2] Create a new page, add the picture and resize to your desired dimensions. Then, click on the "Resample" button on the Pictures toolbar (see below), and save the new page. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the original picture with the new version. If you do, there is no going back to the original size. Discard (delete) the "new page". Any links now to that picture will open it up in its new size.

    Resizing a picture to make it smaller then resampling it also reduces the file size, which should make it faster to load.
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