A friend sent an HTML-formatted note from a Mac with OE5 that had what appeared to be a hyperlink, but the link was not clickable for me (in Outlook 2000 on a PC) or for another recipient. I just sent a note from her machine with a hyperlink that was clickable. I don't know if the question is why her link was not clickable, or why the link I created on her machine was clickable.

As far as I know, there's no way in HTML format to test whether a hyperlink will function, is there?

In OE5 on my PC, in HTML format, I found the Hyperlink function under the Insert menu. I always use that function to explicitly create a link, as I remember in the past receiving notes in HTML format that did not have functioning links. A test I just did on my PC did have the links created automatically, so maybe that was a problem with older versions of Outlook or Outlook Express. On the Mac in OE5, I was unable to find a way to explicitly create a hyperlink. Is that because it's supposed to work automatically? If so, why wouldn't it have worked in the note we received from her?