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    Creating new presentation from a pot-file (Office XP PP 2002 SP-2)


    I have a common PowerPoint pot-file to be used by everyone in our company. I thought that this file should be placed in the same "Workgroup-templates" catalog as the Word templates are located. But it looks as this is not true for the new PP 2002 in Office XP??

    Selcting a presentation I can see my template.pot file. Opening it results in opening the pot file, the Master view,. I would like people to get a Presentation1 up when clicking the pot file, not the pot file itself.

    I can use File/New... and get a navigator on the right side where I can choose between different types of files. Choosing my file through "New presentation" gives me "Presentation1" to be saved as a .ppt file which is correct.

    How do I avoid people to open the pot file? Are there any settings I can do???

    Some people will have PP 2000 SR-1 for some time. How do I do the same in this version??

    Thanks on beforehand!


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    Re: Creating new presentation from a pot-file (Office XP PP 2002 SP-2)

    I had to check this twice to make sure I remembered correctly. PPTXP has not got a File Locations option - instead it looks to the information it receives from Word (I guess the upside to this is that you only need to set it up in one application).
    So if you go to Word and go to Tools, Options, File Locations and point Word and the Workgroup templates location, PPT will pick up on it.
    The second part of your question deals with the view people start in when creating a presentation based on your template. Make sure that you save the template <font color=blue>in the view that you want the user to see first.</font color=blue> This is kind of annoying if you've had to go back and tweak the template, because it means you must switch back to the starting view before each final save.

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