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    Choosing Data to Display in Report (97)

    Hi all!
    I have a report that displays many different types of information (employee info, department info, key info, etc.) Each Record in the query that is the source of my report contains 30-40 fields (pulled together from several different tables). Anyway, i would like to give the user control of what info they would like printed on the report (perhaps they only want to see employee info and department info for that employee). I tried using subreports for each different type of info. This worked well and showed what i wanted it to show, except that with 5 different types of info, the report had to query 5 times for each record. This made the report extremely long to compute. I am looking for ways to speed that up (i.e. perhaps not using subreports, but rather just turning on/off groups of data). Currently i am using tab controls (to keep the relevant data together - i only have to make the tab control appear/disappear instead of all the controls). I got it to make the data appear/disappear depending on which options i selected, but that just leaves gaps in my report. Any Ideas?

    i apologize if this is difficult to understand...

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Choosing Data to Display in Report (97)

    One idea would be to have an unbound report and put the data into the report using code.
    there have been a number of post about how to do this with reports based on crosstab queries.
    <post#=155586>post 155586</post#> contains a sample showing how it can be done.

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    Re: Choosing Data to Display in Report (97)

    A tab control has no CanShrink property. There is a trick in Microsoft's report samples database that ought to work here:
    <UL><LI>Make sure that the CanShrink property of the section containing the tab control is set to Yes.
    <LI>Create a text box (without label) that covers the tab control exactly (i.e., the same size and position as the tab control).
    <LI>Set the Visible property of the text box to No, and its CanShrink property to Yes.
    <LI>To avoid confusion, send the text box to the background (Format menu)[/list]Now, when you hide the tab control, the invisible text box makes the section shrink...

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