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    Showing a dialog box ONLY the first time (Word 97/VBA)

    I have a dialog box which I want to show only the first time a document is opened. What's the best way to handle this?

    I have the dialog attached to the OPEN event.

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    Re: Showing a dialog box ONLY the first time (Word 97/VBA)

    What is "the first time a document is opened"?

    The time it is created? If so, use the Document_New event.

    The first time it is opened by me? What if it is next opened by somebody else?

    You could have a look at document variables (the Variables collection in Word VBA) or custom document properties (the Properties collection) to store a "HasBeenOpened" flag.

    Or if it's user-dependent, you could write a value to the Registry (see SaveSetting and GetSetting).

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