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    IE 6.0 vs CompuServe - Two Logins to Get One

    Recently, we allowed Windows Update to install IE 6.0 on my Mom's PC. It's a Hewlett-Packard running Win98, about 450-500MHz and she connects to the internet with CompuServe (hey, a $400 rebate at purchase is a great convincer). The modem is the original with the machine, and shows up as a Conexant. Since IE 6.0 was installed, CompuServe will not connect on the first try. If you cancel and try again, it goes right through. It's hanging up at the initializing modem step - or so it appears. Once you have tried the connection the first time, it goes through correctly every subsequent time, until you reboot the PC. My wife and I have checked everything we can think of - and clearly, we're missing something <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15> - and nothing makes a difference. It's almost like the system is ignoring all settings until that first attempt is made. Any ideas what's happening here? Right now, Mom's having to login, cancel, and login again to get signed on CompuServe. While that's not a huge problem, it's an annoyance I'd like to solve.
    Update: the problem still exists. We have tried a couple more things with no more success. It's frustrating, to say the least.

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    Re: IE 6.0 vs CompuServe - Two Logins to Get One

    I had a similar problem with IE6 & Juno - Finally, after I thought i had all the settings necessary changed to fix it, I found that IE6 had
    NOT accepted the changes I put in. So, as Juno was trying to log in, so was IE6. One modem was dialing away, and the other was
    throwing screens that told me that it could not log on because the line was not available......Even as the connection was completed
    and I was ready to browse, the little screens (3 of them, consecutively) kept insisting that a connection could not be made.
    Somehow, after the third re-setting of IE6, it has stopped the nonsense. Maybe you will find something like this?? Good Luck.

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    Re: IE 6.0 vs CompuServe - Two Logins to Get One

    I haven't had any screens popping up as Mom tries to logon, but it's definitely something to check. Thanks for the info.

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