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    Unload variables (AXP)

    Hello All,
    Is there a way to unload all variables that have been set? I want to erase a number of global variables that I had set earlier.


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    Re: Unload variables (AXP)

    You can't "unload" *all* variables - for instance, a variable of type Numeric (Long Integer) occupies 4 bytes for as long as it exists, and there is no way to "undefine" it in code.

    What you *can* do, is:
    <UL><LI>Set object variables to Nothing. Object variables are those you set with

    <font face="Georgia">Set varname = value</font face=georgia>

    instead of

    <font face="Georgia">varname = value</font face=georgia>

    <LI>Erase dynamic arrays - those declared as

    <font face="Georgia">Dim arrayname() As Long</font face=georgia>

    instead of

    <font face="Georgia">Dim arrayname(1 To 5) As Long</font face=georgia>

    Erasing a standard array just sets all its elements to 0 or "" or whatever is appropriate, but for a dynamic array,

    <font face="Georgia">Erase arrayname</font face=georgia>

    releases the memory occupied by the array. You can use

    <font face="Georgia">Erase arrayname1, arrayname2, arrayname3</font face=georgia>[/list]AFAIK, there is no built-in way to do the above in one fell swoop. You will have to write code to do this, enumerating all object variables and dynamic arrays.

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