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    Printing Null data records (A2K)

    I have a time card database, which uses 2 sets of 3 weeks of data. When I print my reports, if the second "week 3" has no data, the total hours for that week still prints as "0.00". How do I tell my report that if there is no data entered for this week (if the Total Regular Hours = 0), then don't print anything for the 2nd "week 3"?

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    Re: Printing Null data records (A2K)

    It is difficult to answer without a better idea of your data structure, and the underlying queries. I would probably use something like
    IIF(fielda+fieldb+field3=0,"",fielda) in the underlying query. However if you subsequently do arithmetic on the result this may cause problems. You could use Null instead of the "".

    You could also put the formula in the report form itself.

    If you need more detailed advice you could post a slimmed down version of the database so we can see what the structures are.
    David Grugeon
    Brisbane Australia

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