Using Office 97 SR 2 (Outlook 97) and Windows 2000 Professional SP1.

All these packages co-exist very peacefully until I try to read a hyperlink in Outlook 97 to a Word document on my lan. When I do this I get to spend quality time looking at an hourglass and if during this time I try to use Word, I can also spend my time admiring that adorable hourglass. If, as a diversion, I look at task manager Word is doing nothing, using 0% of processes. The only way I can get Word to start performing again is to stop winword.exe in device manager.

If I insert a hyperlink to an excel document in an Outlook message the hyperlink works perfectly. If I insert a hyperlink to a Word document in another Word document, it works perfectly.

So far I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office (several times), reinstalled the service pack (several times) and I have even used Offclean on one occasion. Nothing has worked so far so if anyone can give me a clue as to where to look next I would be extremely grateful!