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    Custom dictionaries (2000)

    I am unable to add words to my custom dictionary. When I spell check and click on Add the word is not added. When I open the custom.dic however, I find the words are listed in the dictionary but are not being skipped as correct words in documents. I do not have the setting "check from main dictionary only" ticked. Is there anything that I could have accidentally turned on/off that would be causing this problem?

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    Re: Custom dictionaries (2000)

    Hi Mitch:
    Make sure you have the custom dictionary in the right place. Usually, c:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedProof. Also, the size must not be over 256KB, so check the size.

    You might also check to make sure that under Tools/Language/Set Language (something like that, I don't have Word 2000 handy), the text that you are checking does not have "do not check spelling or grammer" ticked and that you don't have an exclude dictionary (ending with .exc) containing the words that are being skipped.

    It's also possible that your custom dictionary has become corrupt. You could create a new one in notepad & paste the list from the old one. Then add it from Tools/Options/Spelling & Grammer tab.

    Hope this helps.

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