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    Combo Box with a Twist (Word 97)

    I'm an old WP macro guy who is being led kicking and screaming into a world of event driven documents.

    Thus I ask your help as I begin to learn. How do I take a combo box that has been placed in a Word 97 form and take it a step farther as follows: Example - I choose the word blue from a list in the combo box, but the words "The sky is blue in peoria" print on the document.

    Any help would be useful.

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    Re: Combo Box with a Twist (Word 97)

    I think what you might be talking about would be Autotext or an AutoText list field. You would use this in an ordinary document, not a protected form.

    AutoText is boilerplate text or graphics that you enter by choosing a shorthand expression, pressing F3, & have it expand into full paragraphs or graphics. You need to learn about styles also. By creating a number of AutoText entries in a particular style, they will all show up under the same category. You can search the forum for AutoTextList & I believe there will be an explanation of that field or go to this article by Bill Coan.

    Hope this helps.

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