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    Track Changes - Cross Reference Problem

    I'm having an "unanticipated result" problem with Track Changes and cross-references in Word97.

    I'm using Track Changes as part of our document control procedures, so that changes between revisions of a document are clearly shown on the screen and when printed. I also make extensive use of cross-references (i.e. to reference Figures and Tables.)

    Occasionally, when updating fields to print the document, these cross-references show up as changes, even though the referenced figure/table has not been changed (nor has the caption). "Figure 2-1" is shown both as being new text and deleted (changed) text. The actual caption does not show up as being changed.

    This behavior is not consistent. A recent document had ten cross-referenced figures, and two of them consistently showed up as being changed. The others did not. Accepting the changes cleared the highlighting, until the next update!

    Any thoughts??



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    Re: Track Changes - Cross Reference Problem


    This is not an 'solution' answer, other than to say that this sounds a lot like a track changes bug.
    A very close cousin of this is that sometimes certain autonumbers will "double" - shown as new and deleted, when Show track changes on screen is set to On.

    These are probably two variants on the same track changes bug.

    If you're doing serious comparisons of documents, then third-party solutions (like DeltaView) are worth considering (although expensive) - in the KB, Microsoft even recommends using these as a workaround for problems with track changes!


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