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    Updates?? (Access 2000)

    Hi All

    I have finally discovered the cause of a lot of problems I have been having .... answered kindly by Microsoft in KB Q304548. My question is this however:

    So how do we obtain the fix?? (Which presumably is a newer MSAccess.exe version).

    I would have thought that they would have to have released a fix for it by now? The article is dated July 2001!

    Any help appreciated.


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    Re: Updates?? (Access 2000)

    It is not a new exe file, it is a patch for the Access 2000 executable and you have to get it by calling Microsoft Tech Support as per the instructions in the MSKB article and persuading them to give you a url and a password to download it. Microsoft hasn't really acknowledged this as a bug and their first recommendation is upgrade to Access XP, but they'll give you the patch if you ask nicely. You apply it to the 2000 executable and it can peacefully coexist with 2002 apps after that.

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