We are having a problem with a number of clients where the
install of Outlook 2000 hangs when the final progress bar
is about 85% across. We have created a custom build, and
are trying to run this with the /qb switch, although
running it without this switch causes the same thing.

When this has happened it seems the PC is screwed, as we
cannot uninstall or re-install Outlook. Neither of these
work, just giving an error message that 'This option is
only valid for products that are installed'. Trying to run
Outlook gives an error that 'This product must be
installed before it can be run'.

We've tried a number of different Windows installer
switches, ie /f for a reinstall, /x for an uninstall, but
none of these will get it off!

Does anyone have any ideas how to get Outlook installed,
or even removed so we can try a re-install?

Many Thanks

Chris Stoneham