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    Command Button behavior in Excel 2000 (2000)

    Excel 2000

    I have a workbook / worksheet in which the first four columns are a database / list. To the right, out of the database area, are two command buttons arranged vertically along with three text boxes with certain information I want displayed to the "user." Whenever I delete a record (row) that is under the one of the command buttons, they seem to try to accommodate themselves to the reduced space by moving around, and one has to manually put them back in place.

    Is there any way to change this behavior, such that the command buttons retain placement from the top of the worksheet border? I.e., their placement is not affected by the deletion of worksheet rows.

    The problem with the text boxes was fixed by going to the "properties" on the right-click menu, "Format Text Box," "Properties," and selecting "Don't move or size with cells." There doesn't seem to be a similar property on the properties dialog for the command buttons (which is the standard vba properties list for a control, not the properties tab on "Format Text Box").

    What I want is for the value of the "Top" property of both command buttons to be fixed, to not try to adjust itself when rows are deleted or added.

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    Re: Command Button behavior in Excel 2000 (2000)

    It is possible to format the control in the same manner that you formatted the text box, but th eexact method you use depends on which type of button you are using, i.e. from the ControlToolbox or from the Forms toolbar.

    If it is from th econtrol tollbox, you need to go into design mode (click on the blue triangular icon on the control toolbox) and then right click on the commandbutton and select Format Control, and then select the Properties tab where you can select the appropriate setting.

    If the button was created from the Forms toolbar, you need to use the pointer object from the drawing menu to slect the button, and when selected Double click and select Format control and follow the procedure as above.

    Andrew C

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    Re: Command Button behavior in Excel 2000 (2000)

    Change the "Placement" property. You want the value = 3
    1 = xlMoveAndSize
    2 = xlMove (default)
    3= xlFreeFloating


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