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    Importing Data from a Web Site into Access (2000 SP (Any))

    I have a need to collect data from a folder on a Server
    and have it automatically collected and then update Access with the data.
    The second part is simple.
    How can I get the data from the Server.
    This is not on a LAN, it will be a secure server on a dial in connection
    or possibly from a WEB Site.
    The server will have a secure login.
    Can I do this from Access using VBA, or will I need to
    use API calls as well?
    I am only interested in a fairly seamless solution to the automatic Login and Data retrieval.
    Once the file is back at the Client end, the local Access database
    can perform the required update easily.

    On a second point, we will also want at some point to send an entire
    data file back to the server, using the same automated route.
    Login, and transfer file to a specific folder on the Server.

    Any suggestions or examples will be very gratefully received.

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    Re: Importing Data from a Web Site into Access (2000 SP (Any))

    There are a number of options - remote access, terminal services in Win 2000 Pro, and a similar service in WinXP Pro, to name a few - so the options are highly dependent on your server. If it's running LINUX then there aren't many options. And in most cases you should be able to write VBA to make things work pretty seamlessly from a user perspective using the shell command.

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