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    assign fixed cost (project 2000)

    Is it possible to assign a resource as a fixed cost to an individual work day in the calendar. The situation is that there is a resource of computer room and equipment that is required on individual days by different tasks. It is not important how many tasks are using this resource on any given day. The cost of the resource is fixed for the days usage. I want to be able to assign the cost of the resource to the days that it is required so it appears in the cash flow for individual weeks.

    Thanking you in anticipation

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    Re: assign fixed cost (project 2000)

    One way to do this is to create your resource with a charge per day instead of charge per hour. However, if a task is ten days, the cost of this resource will be charged for each day. (This may not actually work that well....)

    Another option would be to use the Cost / Use field. Set up the Computer room / resource with a cost per use of say $100. Then each time the resource is assigned, there would be a charge of 100. Note - If you assign this resource to a task of say 10 days, the total cost will only be 100 as the cost per use is only assigned once for each use (not by day). A work around would be to create summary tasks under the main task for each time the Computer Room is needed and assign the resource there. You would then get 100 for each use.

    You may also be able to set up a resource as material.

    Just some ideas. HTH.

    (It's been a while!)

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