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Thread: Forms (Word 97)

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    Forms (Word 97)

    I want to create a proposal format in which the typical name, address, phone and other fields appear at the top. When just doing this by adding spaces between captions, I get the insertion effect where the next item say "Phone Number " gets pushed rightward as text is entered
    I have tired the overwrite toggle but it doesn't seem to work consistently. My questions: How does one freeze the headings, so that they stay put on the form, and text entered, instead of pushing stuff rightward, would expand inside a box, so to speak. Then one would tab over to the next field for input. Are there any sites out there with customizable forms like that that I could access?
    Second question: I need to create a macro that converts the proposal into a work order form by hiding certain paragraphs. I know a tiny bit about vba in Excel, my primary tool, but little of applying it to such a task in Word. Any suggestions/directions would also be appreciated.

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    Re: Forms (Word 97)

    About your first question: try putting the captions and form fields in a borderless table.

    About your second question: it is possible to format text in Word as hidden, but if the user has checked Hidden text in Tools/Options..., View tab, he/she will still be able to see the hidden text. To manipulate specific paragraphs (hide, delete, ...), you might make a bookmark for each of them. Then, you can use code like

    ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("ParagraphToHide").Range. Font.Hidden = True


    ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("ParagraphToDelete").Rang e.Delete

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