Several weeks back, I was looking for a tool to enable me to create a presentation of my photos on a self running CD. I ran across one that was just what I was looking for, but then I lost the web site. If you're looking for a creative way to show off your pictures, here's my story:

I spent way too many weeks looking for the slide show program that would do what I wanted. I didn't find it. I rediscovered the one I lost, but had to rule it out when I realized that it created Flash files (no thank you).

After much Googling and far too many downloads and evaluations of trial versions, I managed to find one that met my minimal needs. Digital Photo Slide Show rarely gets any press, but it does the job. It does all the things you expect a slide show program to do (transitions, resizing, background music, captions, etc.). One minor downside is the fact that it presents your photos in alphabetical order. I had no problem with this as my show dealt with a trip and the pictures were numbered chronologically.

What I really like about the program is that you can try the full version for 60 days with no limitations. I had a chance to build a 500 photo show complete with transitions, captions and music, burn it on a CD and test it on a low-end computer. Furthermore, each shot remains a seperate file, in a seperate directory on the CD so you (or whomever) can access it directly if so desired.

Yeah, at $20, I'm satisfied with this one!