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    XP fails to load anymore (Windows XP(updated))

    I am receiving an lsass.exe system failure each time the computer restarts. I've used XP for 11 months and this is the first significant problem(lots of minor). XP will not boot up properly anymore , it just started yesterday. Wife was surfing the internet. she got booted off explorer twice, she decided to restart the computer and this was the result.

    You start up the computer, it tries to start-up XP, then it restarts again, asked me if I want to go safe mode, I say yes, it loads the drivers, then gives me lsass.exe-system error(An invalid parameter), I select OK, then it restarts again the vicious cycle continues. Any ideas??

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    Re: XP fails to load anymore (Windows XP(updated))

    The most probable cause of your problem - AOL Instant Messenger. Uninstall AOL.

    Less probable : <A target="_blank" HREF="">Error Message: Lsass.exe - System Error : Security Accounts Manager Initialization Failed Because of the...
    </A>; Invalid FPNW Parameters May Cause Access Violations in Lsass.exe and Usrmgr.exe

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