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    Access 2000 New Entries Misplaced (Access 2000)

    One of our computers has Access 2000. The operator maintains several different databases to track new orders, repairs, etc. On one of her databases something unusal is happening. It was working fine and now when she enters a bunch of new orders they don't show up at the bottom of the list but are up in the middle somewhere. The numbering seems right . She wonders could she have hit a button that is causing it to do that? She has checked the field design and that seems ok. These files were originally converted from an Access 97 database which was Win 95. This computer uses Win98SE. Any ideas out there.

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    Re: Access 2000 New Entries Misplaced (Access 2000)

    Is the data entry being done on a form or at the table level? If the latter, a form would fix things up from a sequencing point of view, and also protect you from a host of nasty things. In any event, it is likely that she (or someone else) did either a filter or sort using a right click. You can inspect the filter property for the form or table to see if that's going on.

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