A cumulative patch for Outlook Express was released recently:
OLE: An Overview of the Cumulative Update for Outlook Express 6.0 SP1.

Since this contains "fixes and enhancements" to IE6 SP1 which was included in Win XP SP1, this is an update or addition to the patches in Win IE6 SP1 for OLE 6 since Win XP SP1.

One of the little conveniences I like after installing this patch, is that when you are using OLE to post to a newsgroup, you can hit Ctrl + H keys to toggle between the current view and replies to your particular message; you also get a dialogue box that differentiates you are posting to the newsgroup as opposed to sending a regular message.

If this should not have been posted here, or should have been posted in Software, Mary Jane or Dave A. please let me know. I ran across it and didn't get it in any of the MS newsletters for updates.