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    Norton Utilities 2002

    Greetings to all

    I have a recurring problem which is confusing me.
    I run Norton Utilities 2002 on a regular basis which reports the same two problems each time I use it despite claiming to have repaired them when I click the repair button.
    The report states that there are two invalid application identifiers in the ActiveX/COM section of the Windows Registry of medium severity. As mentioned, it claims to have repaired them but they reappear after reboot.
    My system appears to run OK.
    I would be grateful for any suggestions.

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    Re: Norton Utilities 2002

    The only way to solve your problem is to ignore the errors as follows:
    1. Run the WinDoctor scan that reports the error
    2. Choose the View menu and click Advanced. This changes the view from "Problems Found" to "Explore" and "Details"
    3. Right-click the error and choose Ignore Selected Problem

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