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Wilbur Features:
Fast Searches, Reasonable Index Sizes

Once Wilbur has indexed your files, he can display all of the files containing a specific word or set of words almost instantly. It is able to do this while keeping its index file much smaller than that the alternatives we have looked at. Wilbur can optionally track information on all files on your disk, not just the ones whose content is indexed.

The resulting file list can be sorted by number of hits, date, name, extension, size, attributes or path name. When a file is selected, the sought after word(s) are displayed in context in either compressed (just the lines containing hits) or expanded (all lines) format.

Search Expressions Support Wild Cards and Logicals

Wilbur allows word descriptions to contain wild cards and logical expressions including parenthesis. This makes it easier to find just the files that are relevant to your goal.Searchs can be further contrained by combinations of: Contents File Name Folder Name Size (Min and Max) Modification date (Before and After) Attributes

Flexible File Specifications

Wildcard characters can also be used to specify which files are to be included or excluded from an index. Subdirectories are automatically included, so something like *:*.txt would include all the txt files on all of your non-removable local drives. Optionally you can also include all network drives or specific removable drives.

Index Files in Zip Archives

If you wish, Wilbur can treat any zip archive it comes across as if it was a directory. Any files in the archive that meet your specifications for inclusion in the index will be indexed so they can be searched and viewed like any other file. Nested zip files (zip files inside other zip files) are handled properly.

Support for distributing indexed CD-ROMs

You can index material for distribution on CD-ROMs and distribute Wilbur on the CD to search and display the material. Click here for more information.

Wilbur is a True Win32 Application

Wilbur is a true 32 bit application for Windows 95 or Windows NT. This means better performance, long file name support as well as a multi-threaded design which allows Wilbur to smoothly do its indexing while running in the background.

International Character Support

Limited support is available for indexing and displaying files which use international characters with diacritic marks such as