I've recently installed Act! 6 and am trying to figure out how to coax Word into letting me access its address book in the same way that I access Outlook's (e.g. insert contact details using the excellent macro in Woody's Office 2K book or using the standard label / envelope functions). As instructed by Act, I have changed Outlook to operate in Corporate Workgroup mode and added a service for the Act address book which appears without any problems - so far so good.

When I perform any of the functions in Word that make it look up any address book, the Act address book appears in the list of available address books as expected - but unfortunately, it appears to be empty. A quick look at Act shows there are plenty of records (phew). When I click on the address book's "Properties" button in the Word dialogue, the correct book's properties are displayed. I have also tried changing the order of display that the books are shown in within Word dialog's but this doesn't make any difference either.

If anyone with more experience, persistence or brains than me has any suggestions on this, I would be very grateful to hear from you.