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    Multiple choice test (ACCESS 2000/SR1)

    This sounds so terribly simple and probably is but....I have brain lock. I would like to create a multiple choice test to get ready for referee season each year. I would like to build a table(or tables) of questions and answers and then use a form to ask one question at a time. The user would use a button to choose one of 4 possible answers. If he/she was wrong, there would be a visual prompt and then the user would get another chance until finding the right answer. On the form would be a counter keeping track of total questions and first time correct answers. It would be cool to be able to swap out tables of questions and answers to cover any subject. Any ideas or similar examples? P.S. users may not have MS Office or Access available to them. I'm assuming I could just create an MDE or something

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    Re: Multiple choice test (ACCESS 2000/SR1)

    Who wants to be a millionaire?

    It is quite possible to build such a project in MS Access. However there are a couple of design issues that you need to answer first. Where would you get the multi-choice answers from? One option would be to randomly select three wrong answers from the list of other answers you have in the database. However the player might be offered three obviously wrong answers. The other option would be to have the wrong answers stored with in the right answer, this gives you the ability to provide three wrong answers that are close to the right answer. This way only a person with the knowledge would be able to answer the question successfully. For example how many in Baker's dozen?

    1) 12
    2) 13
    3) 14
    4) 15

    You need the developer

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