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    Help!!! w/ settings (Windows Home XP)

    I need help w/ rescuing a 2 wk old laptop from disaster. My comp. co. techs know zero. My unit config. is-2.4 GHz; 40 GB; 384 MB down to 382 MB--the unit has lost 31,000 files (program) not mine; has IE problems; 404 errors; Module errors; the settings need to be corrected--I've done none. I'm hoping someone w/ knowledge of Gateway laptop 400 series can help me bring unit back to life. No hardware problems. It's my opinion OS; Apps/Drivers; etc. are not compatible w/ upgraded there hope? Pls contact if u feel u can assist. Thank You <post#=1917>post 1917</post#>

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    Re: Help!!! w/ settings (Windows Home XP)

    Excuse me for saying this, but on a two week old GATEWAY laptop with what sounds like the problems you're having, I'd say it needs to be boxed up and returned! There's probably more than a settings problem involved, it seems to me. Of course, if you received the usual emergency restore (i.e. Windows) CD you could try to zap the thing and start from scratch yourself. 31,000 files lost - ye gads! How did you determine that?

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