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    CONDITIONS (2000)

    I have two cells - one will contain either an "E" or an "I". I want the formatting of the second cell to be negative if the first cell is an "E" or positive if it is an "I" in the first cell. I want this to happen BEFORE anything is typed in the second cell - so when something is typed in the second cell it will automatically be a negative or positive number depending on the first cell.

    Can anyone help.

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    Re: CONDITIONS (2000)

    Two things you might consider:

    1 - Using a third column or row to calculate the value you need i.e. adjust the value in the entry cell based on the value in the cell containing "E" or "I" such as in C1 =If(a1="E",-b1,+b1) or some such.

    2 - A worksheet event to change the value in the target cell depending on the cell containing "E" or "I"

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