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    Empty text fields padded with spaces (AXP SP1)

    I need to count the number of records that have a specific field populated. The field in question is a text field and defaults to spaces (11 of them) when the field is not populated.

    I am querying an SQL Server database and cannot change the bahavior/properties of the tables.

    How do I count only those records that have data in them and ignore those records where that field is filled with spaces??
    I have tried the following with no success:

    Is Not Null
    Not Like " "
    Not Like " *"

    Does anyone have any other ideas?

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    Re: Empty text fields padded with spaces (AXP SP1)

    Create a totals query and add the field. Set the Totals option to Count.
    Next to it, enter the following in the Field line:
    where you must substitute the actual field name, of course. When you exit this cell, it will be changed to something like
    Expr1: Trim([Fieldname])
    Set the Totals option to Where (this clears the View check box automatically) and enter
    in the Criteria line. The Trim function removes all leading and trailing spaces, so that a value consisting of spaces only is reduced to an empty string "".

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