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    Outlook through Word (2000)

    Is it possible to put a specific Outlook Contacts Folder hyper-link in a Word document ? We have a couple of Contact folders, I want to point to a specific one.
    I had (past tense) a list in a Word file. It is more practical to use an Outlook Contacts folder. We have been using the Word file for so long there are far too many users with shortcuts to the Word file to effectively manage the transition in an efficient manner (in some instances I work with dolts). Instead of deleting it I'd like to put a hyper-link in the Word file pointing to the specific Outlook Contact Folder. People could still go to the Word file but inside it I would have politically correct wording telling them what to click-on. Is it possible to put an Outlook Contacts Folder hyper-link in a Word document ?

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    Re: Outlook through Word (2000)

    Try this: open the folder list (View|Folder List) in Outlook, right-click-and-drag the Contacts folder you want the shortcut to point to a Word document and release. One of the options on the context menu should be "Create Hyperlink Here." In my test, the resulting link was "outlook:Personal Folders - MainInboxContacts" where Personal Folders - MainInbox is the name of the PST from which the folder was dragged (not the file name, but the top level name in the Folder List).

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