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    Oana Koran

    Hi again, Eileen

    I'm afraid I posted my first message as "private". As a matter of fact, it was meant for everyone on the Lounge, so here it is again:

    Thanks for the welcome and a belated Happy New Millenium to everyone. Although I visit the lounge since a couple of months and had many questions, I never had to post because until now I always could find a solution by searching the threads. Sorry I didn't bother to file some of the most interesting ones.

    I just want to tell you that I feel I got to know & like you all, Eileen, Dave, Charlotte, Gary, Howard, Phil and all the other, to quote Woody, "...nicest people on the Web..." hanging out at the Lounge.

    Oana, a faithful "lurker" from Vienna, Austria

    P.S. How about Reverend Mother Superior? I don't suppose you would like "Honoured Matre"...

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    Re: Hi again, Eileen

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