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    Additions to Junk Senders List I didn't make! (XP)

    I've been finding important messages from people from whom I want to hear in my junk email folder, and that includes notifications from the lounge that somebody has replied to a post! I went in to edit my junk sender's list and couldn't find any of those senders on the list in order to remove. Now I'm careful to look through the junk message folder before deleting the contents, but what a pain - I don't even want to see that stuff.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Additions to Junk Senders List I didn't make! (XP)

    In its wisdom, Outlook also checks for "bad" wordss such as $$$ or Free ...
    Frankly - the junk checker is just that - a "junk" checker as it is not sufficiently configurable

    A previous thread on this topic discussed methods.
    The best seems to be to use mail rules to identify messages from your friends and 'extract them first' - this is a finite number.
    What's left is most probably junk.
    In my own case my typical rule says "Identify a group of users, move there messages to a folder, and stop processing rules"
    After about six of these rules the very last rule says
    "Move this to Junk folder and display a message saying you have" - its surprisingly accurate and I turn the 'errors' into friends.

    Alternatively wait for the WOPR Junk Mail Remover - due for release anytime soon. It does all the above and more.
    Its easy to use, and is capable of learning your preferences.
    (In fact, I'm in the process of training it to accept mail messages from my professional association but treat the follow-ups from the same organisation as Junk mail - I'm winning. <img src=/S/evilgrin.gif border=0 alt=evilgrin width=15 height=15>

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