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    Embedded Javascripts

    I use FrontPage for Intranet web development. We use form validation to verify data for email submission of form. I have many reusable scripts that I would like to keep in a library . We use OnSubmit as our trigger to execute the function. How would call the scripts and execute them?

    Simplistically One script might validate the date and be called date.js, the next validate that the client number is 4 numeric digits and be called client.js.

    I know I can call the two scripts in the heading of the page ...but then how do I get them to execute sequentially...? We've had no formal training, just picking up the javascripting on the fly.

    Thanks. DP

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    Re: Embedded Javascripts

    I'd have to see the scripts to give a decent answer, but in the mean time, take a look at this old thread about validation.

    You may find it's easier to keep a single file with the validation functions, and call the validate from the form elements onchange event.


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