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    Excel cell refs to other Excel files (XP)

    I have an issue in Excel that I can't find the answer to. Can you help me out?

    I have a spreadsheet that derives its information from another spreadsheet. It seems that if I delete or add rows or columns - which changes the cell references - in the source spreadsheet, the changed cell references does not carry forward to the spreadsheet that receives the information.

    Is there a way that changes from the source spreadsheet will flow automatically to the receiving spreadsheet?

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    Re: Excel cell refs to other Excel files (XP)

    If you have a reference to a cell in another workbook, Excel has no way of updating the reference if the original is moved.

    What you can do is name the cell or range in the source spreadsheet. There are several ways to name a range; the easiest is to select it and type the name into the cell address box on the left hand side on the formula bar. Now, you can refer to this name in the target workbook:
    This way, you don't refer to a specific address like A3, but to a named range.

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    Re: Excel cell refs to other Excel files (XP)

    Hi Rob,

    With most external links, you can get the references to update correctly by making sure both the source and target workbooks are open when you add/delete rows/columns in the source workbook. When both are open, the link updating works in pretty much the same way as for multiple worksheets in the same workbook. Just as with internal links, you need to take particular care with external links using formulae based on OFFSET functions.


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