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    multiple query report (2000)

    I am trying to generating a report from a table that has multiple fields that are yes/no data type (check marks) . I have multiple queries that give the count of all the yes fields.
    But the report wizard won' t allow me to display these multiple queries on one report cause it says they are not related. but they are generated from the same table.

    The purpose of the report is to give me the count of records that have a check (yes).

    From each query I can generate a report that has the count for each individual field but I don't want to have 10 reports with 2 lines of information. I would like to have them display in one report.

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    Re: multiple query report (2000)

    You have several options:

    1. Create a single query that collects all the information, and use this as record source of the report. You may be able to create it from scratch, or you can base it on the queries you already have.
    2. Do the counting in the report itself - you can use statistical functions like Sum and Count in the control source of text boxes in the report footer section (and group footer sections if you have them), and statistical domain functions like DSum and DCount in the control source of text boxes anywhere in the report.
    3. Create the separate reports, then create a blank new report (without record source) and put the separate reports into it as subreports. Not very elegant, but it might save time if you have already created the individual reports.

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