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    Printing only Invoices with a Balance (Access 2000)

    I am trying to make a report that will print only the invoices that have an outstanding balance. The invoice lists what is on the invoice (the different lines--e.g. Elementary Fee, $35; Local Levy, $5; Agenda, $5). Then it has a Total of the lines on the invoice (e.g. $45). Then how much in total payments, and the balance due. I have a Query that shows each line of the invoice (Amount), what was paid for each line of the invoice (e.g. $30 of the Elementary Fee, $5 of the Agenda Fee), then what is remaining of each line of the invoice. The problem is...I can't figure out how to tell it that I want to just print the invoices that have a balance. Does anyone know how I can tell it to do that?

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    Re: Printing only Invoices with a Balance (Access 2000)

    I don't know the stucture of your database, so this is guesswork. You might create a Totals query based on the Invoices and InvoiceDetails tables (assuming you have something like those), with the InvID (or whatever the invoice ID is called), total amount, total payment and balance. Set the criteria to select only those InvID's whose balance is <> 0.
    Save this query.
    Add it to the query that you use for the report, and link it to the Invoices table on InvId. That should restrict your report query to the invoices that have an outstanding balance.

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