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    Archiving records (Win ME/Access 97)

    I read through the correspondence on this same topic. Great information, but not exactly what I need.

    These archive tables can get quite large very quickly. I would appreciate some general thoughts on how to set this up. If I just keep on appending to a table in the same database, the database gets unwieldy for back-up purposes. How about archiving to another database? Is that done? Pros and cons? Considerations? Other approaches?

    Would appreciate some ideas to get me started.

    Fine column, by the way. It is an education just to browse through the postings.

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    Re: Archiving records (Win ME/Access 97)

    We almost never do archiving with Access databases, as it's to big a pain to maintain, and can really only be done when editing is at the form level, not at the table (tables don't have enents to work with unless you wrap things in transactions). On the other hand it's easy to do in SQL Server or ADPs - you simply create a trigger and do the archiving at that level. As to size, yes table can grow like topsy if records are frequently edited. Of course SQL Server can grow to several terrabytes, so size isn't much of a worry with it. Access on the other hand is limited to 2GB in general (97 is 1GB I believe), so the idea of archiving if you choose to do it in Access in a separate database would be an excellent idea. In fact you could have a separate database for each table you want to archive. An interesting topic, eh?

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