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    Import spec ? (Access97)

    I'm importing a html report into Access97. I was able to import all the fields I needed which are field1, field2 and field25. I saved this as an import specifaction. The problem I came across was that the next month the html doc changed the number of fields. I was able to import field1 and 2 which didn't change. But field 25 which was a total field was now field 26. So oviously is imported field 25 which is what the specifaction stated. My question is I only need the first second and last fields of this report. Is there any way to tell access this? Or is there another way to get this data into an access table? Thanks...

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    Re: Import spec ? (Access97)

    You could do this in VBA code.
    First import the HTML into a table so it has fields Field1, Field2,...FieldX.
    Next determine how many fields there are in the imported table.
    Then write a loop reading data from the imported table and outputting the data to the table you wish.
    Short of providing the actual code, I hope this gives you one idea anyway.
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