Further to my post in <!post=the Scuttlebutt forum,195667>the Scuttlebutt forum<!/post>, I thought I would share this experience with you. In light of the "alleged" security problem, I installed today a firmware update to my Linksys BEFSR41 router. The version is now 1.43 on the Linksys web site. The only problem I had was trying to change the IP address of the router itself. In an attempt to be somewhat sneaky, I've always had my router address on something different than the default but somehow I couldn't get that to happen with this firmware upgrade. Every time I changed the address, I was unable to get back in to the router. Eventually I allowed the thing to use its standard default and made the necessary changes to the machines on my home LAN and all is well. I just thought I'd mention it to see if anyone else has this problem.