Did not see this with prev. Beta; just WMP RC. When a Popup add plays music,any playback of sound (ripped CD's, streaming from radio, website sound) is constant static that sounds like a buzz saw--no music. I wonder if the Popup music is being played in a "shared fashion" and then gets in a war of sorts on WMP, because no other media player is running at the time.

If I try to run the mpsetupXP(WMP setup application)that I have already downloaded in my download file I get a box that says I already have it--so it won't install from the setup.
I can fix this by going to the website
http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...ries/player.asp and downloading and reinstalling.
My questions are :
1) Why does this happen--I've never seen a defrag cause the problem
before--I'm not sure whether it's the boot defrag or the normal defrag.
2) Could it have anything to do with the encoder or with codecs?--at Device
Mgr. the drivers are fine, and if running the install fixes it--it's not a
driver problem--although DM can falsely reassure drivers or OK.
3) Is there a way to uninstall the encoder if you need to?
4) What's relationship of codecs to encoder?
5) Does "redownloading" "replenish" the files that might have been corrupted
and why does the download run--it brings back the sound--wish I understood
why--but the mpsetup won't with the message "you already have the player."

Sure appreciate some help.