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    Sound Blaster Live - WinXP (Pro)

    Greetings fellow Loungers...

    I just built a new system about 2 1/2 months ago - ASUS P4B533, P4 2.4, 1GB PC2100 RAM, 128MB Gforce4 4600, 80+100 WD 7200 HD (8MB cache), the works...
    I reused a few older components (network card and modem). Because the MB came with onboard sound (C-Media), I decided to use it rather than taking an extra PCI slot for my original Sound Blaster Live (purchased in December 1998). Everything has been running very well (and quite fast!).

    I recently decided to put the Sound Blaster Live back in the box to improve sound quality in a game I've been playing lately ( - very fun, if you enojy WWII games). I've never run this particular card with WinXP - I last used it with Win98 before rebuilding the machine. I disabled the onboard sound card (using a jumper), uninstalled the driver and software, and installed the Sound Blaster Live with the appropriate WinXP drivers (although, not necessarily in that order).

    WinXP seems to see the card, start the driver install, then coughs up an error saying that "The Data is invalid". It fails to properly install the driver. I've tried quite a few things - including forcing it to accept the driver I downloaded (even though it has its own driver for this same card), checked for hardware conflicts (none that I can see - It's a PnP card with plenty of open IRQs), and visited for possible alternative drivers (they were all original "Creative" drivers). I've even searched Knowledge Bases at Creative, Microsoft, and ASUS with no luck - nobody seems to know anything about this particular error.

    I have used quite a few Sound Blaster brand cards over the years and never had a single problem. The software/driver install process is usually as easy and reliable as a HP printer!

    I've given up at this point and gone back to the onboard sound. I am just curious to know if anyone else has run into the same problem with the original Sound Blaster Live (not 5.1 or value) and Win XP. <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>

    My thoughts: 1) Probably not the card - it worked a few months ago when I took it out of my old Win98 box, 2) Probably not the driver - I've tried quite a few different drivers that are all Win XP compatible, 3) Probably IS my system (either software or hardware) - could be an old driver from the onboard card causing problems, or just the very presence of the onbard card (even though it was disabled)...

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions (including things like "just buy a new sound card..." or "use the one you have and stop complaining!") <img src=/S/wink.gif border=0 alt=wink width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Sound Blaster Live - WinXP (Pro)

    I'm about to try something similar - going from ME to XP Pro with an original Soundblaster Live card, so your experience makes me a wee bit uneasy! But I guess I will be doing a clean install which may make a difference. As I understand it, XP Pro does include a driver for the card, so hopefully it will go cleanly.

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