When I first installed Office XP, 2 months ago, on my new Windows XP machine, it worked beautifully. Then a month ago I did a System Restore and of course had to reinstall Office XP. All installations occurred without error but now whenever I start any word document I see a "Windows Installer" window flash for about 1 second and then it takes extremely long time to bring up the document. What used to take 3 to 5 seconds now takes 15 to 20 seconds. This also happens with Outlook occasionally and with Powerpoint. I did some research and found that there is some sort of known problem and was advised to reinstall office xp. I did that, taking care to first uninstall office XP, reboot and then reinstall Office Xp and making sure that I selected "Run component and all sub-components from hard drive" for all components. This had no effect on the problem.
Anyone have any experience with this? I am about to install Office XP SP2, would that correct the problem?