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    no sound (xp home edition)

    I have an HP Pavilion computer with the XP home edition as the operation system. When the sound stopped, I checked for loose wires and did not find any. When I run the restore system program it will work up to a point and then stop. It seems to hang up. What type of things should I be looking at?

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    Re: no sound (xp home edition)

    First of all, can you boot your computer to Windows normally?

    If so, do you see a small loudspeaker icon on the lower right corner of the screen?

    If you see the icon, click on it. Small "Volume" window will pop-up. Is the slider in the middle? Is "Mute" checkbox unchecked? When you click the slider, do you hear the "Ding" ("Default beep") sound?

    Depending of your answers, further troubleshooting can be provide. If you want to do it by yourself, follow this link:

    HOW TO: Resources for Troubleshooting Sound Problems in Windows XP

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