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    Can't enter tasks (Outlook 2000 Exchange)

    My taskpad has quit working recently. I can no longer save any new tasks. I can enter the task, but when I try to save it I get the message: "Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid."

    This problem started happening about a month after I started receiving a message every time I completed a task. That message said: "Please save the task order by clicking Save Task Order on the Action menu in the "Tasks" folder. The view must not be filtered or grouped for Save Task Order to be available."

    I most commonly use the Tasks in the Week Calendar view. For the Task Pad View, I have 'Today's Tasks' and include 'Tasks with No Due Date' checked.

    I've also tried using the Task View to enter a task, but still get the same error.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    Re: Can't enter tasks (Outlook 2000 Exchange)

    You can try this, though it probably won't work. In tasks, change the view to simple list. Then go into View, Current View, Customize current view to turn off sorting and grouping. See if this makes a difference.

    TechNet says this problem is due to mailbox corruption (c.f. Q197036 on If using simple list does not work, you have two options: The least drastic is to use the old exchange client to delete the task folder, then start Outlook with the /resetfolders switch to make a new one. (You might want to make a new task folder in a pst file and copy off your tasks first. Your tasks might be corrupt too, but it's worth a try.) We do this about once every couple of months; it's not a huge deal.

    The last option is to delete your mailbox and create a new one. Your Exchange admin has some tools to copy off your data and move it into the new mailbox.

    Good luck!

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