This tip and free download was shown Tech TV's The Screen Saver: Free Download of the Day:Hide OE and shows how to minimize both Outlook and Outlook Express to the System Tray/or as Redmond renamed it the "notification center"--I guess in honor of the plethora of MSN products that are showing up there, and can save some real estate on your task bar. Minimize Outlook XP Reg Edit

Download for Hide Outlook to Sys Tray from r2 Studios

Download for Hide Outlook Express to Sys Tray from r2 Studios

The downloads featured on The Screen Savers come from a site r2 Studios who offer downloads free and request donations--has many useful downloads including web site and game downloads--2 tray in Beta now allows you to move any application into the system tray that doesn't have a sys tray icon and clear off your task bar--so you could select out a favorite(s) application to park in your system tray.

2 tray and Backup Wizard are available now in Beta. Copycat is a utility that allows people with more than one computer or on a network of computers to copy to multiple clipboards at once, eliminating the need to manually copy text into every computer's clip board.