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    Default print borders (Word 2000)

    Have sort of a strange request...hope someone can help. About 3 years ago I had an ALPS printer. At that time this printer couldn't print in Word unless the print border on the bottom was set to .51. They gave instructions to change this in Word and I did. Since then I purchased a new printer HP 932C. I have totally forgotten how to go in and change the default print border in Word. I need to because some things are not printing due to this .51 thing. I have tried page setup and all the margin stuff...but that doesn't change the default printer margin setting that Word will use for the bottom border. Don't even know the correct terms to use to describe this situation. Do I have to go in and change a global template or and if I do don't know how. Wish I would've saved those old instructions. Anyone have advice as to how to change this setting in Word? I am pretty sure it isn't in my printer setup, I remember specifically going into Word to do the original changes.

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    Re: Default print borders (Word 2000)

    Hi Nancy,
    Is File|Page Setup|Layout|Borders|Options what you're looking for?

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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