Hi there,

could someone tell if it is possible to change the fontsize of a selection(page) during/after a mailmerge?
This is what I do:
-I connect to a SQL Server 7 database
-I've created a table with company and address (e.g) info in this database
-Word starts a normal mailmerge with the table :
If oWord.Version = "10.0" Then
With mrgMain
.MainDocumentType = 0 'wdFormLetters
.OpenDataSource Name:="", Connection:="DSN=" & strDSN & _
";Database=" & strCatalog, _
SQLStatement:=strSQL, _
SubType:=8 'wdMergeSubTypeWord2000
.Destination = 0 'wdSendToNewDocument
.SuppressBlankLines = True
.Execute True
End With
End If
-I've created some mergefields in the Word template for example "AddressField" which will contain all the information for an envelope.

The 'AddressField' in the database table contains carriage return characters to put the data on the right line in the mergefield.
When I merge to a envelope template and any of the lines is longer then the right margin, Word will put this line on the next line. I also don't want Word to split the data into two pages, so I wonder if it is possible to adjust the fontsize of each individual 'envelope/page' when I takes more than one page or if the line is to long?

Can someone give some tips to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance!!

Greeting Hans Meijer