I use the below macro to quickly produce single labels.
I cannot get the Macro to change the label font to be bold or in various sizes.
I tried the addressstyle property but it did not work.
All help is appreciated.

Regards, Tom D

Sub Labels()
' Labels Macro
Dim MyTitle As String
Dim MyLabel As String
Dim myPrompt01 As Integer
Dim myPrompt02 As Integer
Dim PositionA As Integer
Dim PostionB As Integer
Dim Addr As String

MyTitle = "Label Position Request"
MyLabel = InputBox("Enter The Text Of The Label", "LABLE NAME")
myPrompt01 = "Enter The Row For Your Label"
myPrompt02 = "Enter The Column For Your Label"
PositionA = InputBox(myPrompt01, MyTitle, 1)
PositionB = InputBox(myPrompt02, MyTitle, 1)
Addr = vbCr & MyLabel
Application.MailingLabel.DefaultPrintBarCode = False
Application.MailingLabel.PrintOut Name:="5266", Address:=Addr, _
ExtractAddress:=False, LaserTray:=wdPrinterManualFeed, SingleLabel:=True, _
Row:=PositionA, Column:=PositionB, PrintEPostageLabel:=False, Vertical:=False
End Sub