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    Roaming profiles not updating

    Running Win2K server SP2 with AD and roaming profiles. When users delete Desktop and Favorite items they reappear at the next boot. How come and how do I fix it?

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    Re: Roaming profiles not updating

    Try the following diagnostic:

    1) (roaming) user creates something on her desktop
    2) user logs out
    3) admin checks profiles share--is item now in share? If the item is there, proceed; if not, there's a write problem. Check write permissions on the profiles share and folder, bandwidth and timeout settings, and policy settings involving profiles on the specific machine(s).
    4) admin deletes local, cached copy of user's profile
    5) user logs back in (getting 'clean' copy of roaming profile), deletes item, and logs out. If user gets a default desktop or a timeout warning, there's a server/network bandwidth problem--consult your network gurus and/or reset your timeout limits.
    6) Admin repeats step 3. If item appears in step 3 and disappears here normally, then the problem isn't easily reproducible, and you're in for a lot of fun. I'd look at timeout settings first, as they're the most likely culprits in intermittent problems--varying network loads sometimes trigger the problem, sometimes not.

    It's also remotely possible that the users are logged in 2+ places concurrently, which can also cause these kinds of synchronization quirks (it's what's in the last profile they logout that determines what they see next time they login).

    HTH, --Chris

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